Re-rocking outfits isn’t a crime ladies

So what are your opinions about repeating outfits?
It might seem like a joke but its getting real amazing and serious than I thought.
Especially now when we are in an era where a lot of events like awards night,parties,fashion shows,fashion weeks and what have you.Everyday another event and you are expected to give them a brand new outfit each time! It ain’t easy like we think. I must say we really suffer and all you is see is the glam.
The whole thing seems like a drama to me. As if repeating of outfits is a taboo in our society.
What beats my mind the most is how we like and comment under pictures of our foreign celebrities who rerock outfits and Africans are criticised and mocked at when they rerock.can u imagine?

If u spend a whole amount of money and decide to buy an outfit and wear it once afterwards hang in your closet forever without rerocking, that is your own headache!
So would you wear the same dress you wore for one occasion to another?
Should there be a time gap between when you first rock an outfit and when you ‘rerock’ it?
Give us your opinions; I know many of us have wardrobes full of gorgeous dresses that we feel we cannot wear again.


Accessorize – Ok so you are ‘rerocking’, accessorize differently. You mustn’t pair the dress with the same shoes, bag, belt as before.
Rerock with confidence -since u wore the outfit before and took pictures in it,this time pictures should be taken from a different angle and view.carry yourself in the outfit well and with joy.
I alwas say if u love it,wear and wear again and again.its your property and you own it!

Makeup : makeup must be totally and completely different from the first looks .change lipstick colour, eyeshadow colour and trust me you good to go not forgetting a different hairstyle as well!

I hope some one got inspired after reading. Let’s stop this behaviour and do some rerocking .


Avion cape was tailored by : Melanie crane ( +233267601259
Sneakers :payless (Accra Mall.
Fabric from :Ghana textiles print (GTP,TEMA)

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