Sporty and Chic

The most important thing about rocking the sporty chic trend is ALWAYS to mix and match between sporty and chic. You don’t want to overdo it with the sporty style or you’ll look like you’re really headed to the gym. On the other hand, wear too much chic apparel and no one will notice your sporty side. The perfect blend will have a few items from each side of the fence. That being said, here’s some of the must-have sporty chic items .

The easiest way to go from casual to sporty chic is to throw on a sports jacket. This could be a cute jacket from a popular sports brand like Nike or Adidas,  It’s easy to mix and match with a sports jacket, but my absolute favorite style is the one I have on – a cute sports jacket sweater  with an adorable pair of pants.

Relaxed Pants

Both sweatpants and jogging pants are excellent options for the sporty chic trend (or any other kind of pants you might wear to the gym). To make these relaxed pants look a little more chic, pair them with a cute crop top like the one I have on display.


Give that old cross body bag a rest! Not only are backpacks super stylish, they also hold a hell of a lot more stuff and are way easier on your aching shoulders.

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sweater and pants : Adidas
Sneakers: bershka (Dubai .diera city centre)
Backpack : Newlook.

Sporty and Chic (1)

Sporty and Chic (2)

Sporty and Chic (3)

Sporty and Chic (4)

Sporty and Chic (5)

Sporty and Chic (6)

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